Directed Energy Systems

Directed Energy Systems hold the promise of revolutionising warfare, but their adoption on the front line remains elusive. Nevertheless, recent developments, including the trails on board USS Ponce indicate the fielding of DES is becoming a closer reality. Challenges of power, size, ruggedization and heat capacity remain key inhibitors to their effective, practical and safe use.

Military applications for blocking enemy electronics and communications, protecting convoys in high risk IED zones, and systems able to protect critical areas and equipment, as well as new and exciting systems for police and civil enforcement deployment, are all driving continued research and development in DES.

Defence IQ’s Directed Energy Systems 2014 is an unrivalled opportunity to meet the world’s leading experts from military, civil, and research backgrounds. Gain crucial insight from specialists in high energy lasers, high power microwaves, and power management systems.

Directed Energy Systems 2015 will allow you to:

  • Gain the latest updates on lethal and non-lethal existing and near-future technologies including high energy laser C-RAM systems, engine stoppers and dazzlers
  • Hear first hand how militaries and civil agencies foresee the adoption of DES into their existing capabilities. Inform your own future force development and product progression
  • Debate with your international peers and colleagues the best approach for future adoption of DES and how you can mitigate foreseen challenges

With unrivalled international participation, Directed Energy Systems 2015 is the perfect opportunity for you to engage with the world’s premier DES authorities (link to speakers).

If you’re interested in contributing to Directed Energy Systems 2015 then please contact the director at or call +44 (0)20 7368 9769

Testimonials from 2014’s event:

“Technically engaged speakers – Very good!” Hanspeter Kaufmann, Senior Manager, Research, RUAG
“Panel of speakers was very good. It was an excellent combination of industry and academia” SK Singh, Technical Advisor, High Commission of India
“Overall a great event” Lynsi Coressel, Directed Energy D Program Manager, Lockheed Martin
“Very informative event” Hirosei Inuzuka, Deputy Director, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
“This event has been useful in understanding the latest advancements in this field” Sabriye Raif, Operational Analyst, Atomic Weapons Establishment

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